We’re proud to take part in the movement for a more eco-conscious city and to celebrate the magic of nature with a honey-of-an invitation to visit beehives right on our property next to the pond!

Be careful because this is an old-fashioned “sting” operation. Tenants are encouraged to safely look at the hives. Never stand directly in front of the entrance (the space where the bees are coming in and out from, facing the pond). Tenants should not touch or open the hive unless advised by the beekeeper and the beekeeper is present. In order for us to facilitate a great experience, we suggest that tenants come to visit the hives when we are present. That way we can explain and educate on the happenings of the hive. 

As yet another perk of being a Schaumburg Towers tenant, you can visit the hive live and online. Tenants have access to the My Hive page where you can see live updates, upcoming events and more. 

Please visit our homepage at: https://myhive.alveole.buzz/american-landmark-properties-schaumburg-towers/