Parking Covered (Literally) with 2,875 Covered Spaces

Imagine: so many parking spaces you never have to search. You drive onto American Lane, pick one of the two cavernous garages and (let’s time it) bet you find a parking space in two minutes. Find row after row of room for you. Truly, parking is one of the awesome perks of having an office here.

Your car and you are protected from Chicago’s elements every second you’re in your distinctive office. Nothing can rain or snow on your parade and your ability to arrive and leave in a hurry, minus the flurries or whatever else Chicago wings your windy way.

There is always ample parking in front of our atrium for our always welcome visitors.

Not having to search for a space once you’re on the property means you’re not only covered rain or shine, it means saved time and your ability to get to your office to conquer the next work challenge sooner.

Park the idea of taking space here.

Anyone needing to park overnight must download and complete the form below and submit it to the Management Office prior to the overnight stay.