If you’re a gamer or even if you’re just game to relax and refresh so you can re-energize for work, the Schaumburg Towers’ spacious and wonderfully-equipped Game Room is yours to enjoy all hours of the day and night. It’s super for tenants and what a way to impress visiting guests! Imagine:

“How about a game of pool after we sign your (million-dollar) contract?”
“Carl and Susan C. Client, have you ever tried an indoor version of curling? This building has the most amazing game room on earth.”
“How about a video game to loosen us up for our brainstorming session?”

There are a few rules of the road for use of the Game Room. Please read so you there’s no misunderstanding and you can take full advantage.

Game Room Hours: 24 hours/7 days a week

  1. Reservations are available for the Game Room during and after business hours and should be made in Building Engines. Reservations can be made with a minimum of 30 minutes or more.
  2. For reservations: If an outside vendor is providing catering and personally setting up any food and/or drinks, please obtain the vendor’s Certificate of Insurance and send to Danielle Brunner at d.brunner@americanlandmark.com for review and approval prior to event.
  3. Please do not move any gaming equipment.
  4. The maximum person capacity is 50.