At our two exceptional buildings, we promise “office space to a new power.” Part of that claim comes to life, literally, with advanced technology in the building. We’re also quick to point out that Schaumburg Towers offers tenants the most advanced Wi-fi available in the area. We’ve got high-level connectivity throughout the buildings, but the lower level and first floor common areas in each building, provide uncommon speed and utility. In these areas, count on wi-fi for those requiring high bandwidth and low latency, while also enabling increased performance, longer range, and power efficiency

At empowering Schaumburg Towers, we offer multiple, diverse and redundant carrier options for improved reliability. The following Internet providers are available for the building: American Wide Broadband, AT&T, Century Link, Verizon Wireless DAS System and Comcast. FYI, the buildings use a riser cable management company.

We work with IMG, our building connectivity experts who also design and employ wi-fi engineering synergy that creates:

  1. Enhanced reliability: using multiple diverse and redundant carrier systems.
  2. Local Data Centers: Tenants have access to local data centers providing secure, offsite computer resources.
  3. Cloud Ready Capabilities: with high-speed internet options that can support diverse cloud computing options for tenants, including:
    • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  4. Additional Information Available. For details, contact IMG at 888.464.5520

Read more about IMG’s services.

Service providers contact info:

American Wide Broadband
312-951-9600 x 3

Jonathan Fisher
Office: 877-677-0599
Cell: 262-366-5651

Century Link
Brock Anderson
Office :312-281-2141
Cell: 773-551-1448

Comcast Business
Milton Darquea

IMG Technologies
IMG Support