We have implemented a Visitor Management System to more efficiently allow tenants to register guests that are visiting Schaumburg Towers. Below are the instructions and login information to register visitors in the system. This is the best process for notifying security of guests so they are prepared and will have a temporary badge printed for your guest upon their arrival. You’ll find this portal is very easy and simple to navigate.  

Visitor Management System Procedures:
Please send your IP address to Danielle Brunner at d.brunner@americanlandmark.com.  If you do not know your IP address, you can visit http://www.ipcow.com and send the series of number that reflect on the screen.  After obtaining the IP address, please send it to Danielle Brunner.  After the IP address has been confirmed and added to the Visitor Management System firewall, you will then visit the link below to create an account.


Once you have clicked the link, click ‘Register’.

Once the user has registered, please notify Danielle Brunner so she can add the user as a host under the tenant/company profile.  Now this user is ready to register visitors.