Schaumburg Towers Sustainability – Big Steps Toward a Smaller Eco-Footprint

You can be proud to be at Schaumburg Towers for lots of reasons and one of the best is the support the company gives to the “Green” initiative and the vitally important concept of sustainability. For our clients and the health of our planet, we offer the following:

  • Environmentally-friendly facilities that support a holistic approach to sustainability inside and outside the buildings. If we say the “grass is greener” leasing here, potential clients, can be assured it’s because the grass has benefited from our impeccable, earth-friendly landscaping services, not chemical spraying.
  • Reduction of energy costs for our tenants through use of more efficient HVAC equipment and so much more. Smart Technology helps along with maintenance that keeps energy-saving equipment functioning efficiently. We ask tenants to be vigilant about shutting off lights in unused rooms and keeping the temperature on the lower, yet comfortable side.
  • Recycling as the rule of the day. Tenants are asked to separate waste from paper, plastic and other materials that can be recycled.
  • Institution and use of green cleaning processes that clean effectively, yet are gentle to people, as well as the environment.

To achieve our goals and sustain them, building management is aligned with a company of green thumb experts called ABM. ABM uses environmentally preferable cleaning products and processes that include Green Seal certified and bio-based cleaning alternatives. They also offer electrically activated water systems that produce safe, non-toxic daily cleaning and sanitizing solutions onsite.

Energy management and green initiatives like “daylight harvesting” or electric vehicle (EV) charging ports help reduce our carbon footprint and increase cost savings for tenants, as do our Smart lighting and HVAC services.